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Munch Munch 'Double Visions' CD / LP

by Munch Munch


Munch Munch are a kaleidoscopic group from Bristol who write ecstatic, elliptical songs that burst with creativity and restless energy.

The band are four friends - Tom, Richard, Jack and Sarah Louise - who aren't afraid to go for the pop jugular, taking in influences as varied as Sparks, Burt Bacharach, ABBA, Robert Wyatt and 80s R & B.

'Double Visions' is their debut album. It was crafted under self-imposed constraints, reigning in maximalist tendencies, to create a kinetic and striking listen.

With a blanket ban on guitars, the album is a set of tangling, super-melodic songs, supported by intense polyrhythmic explosions and realised on Farfisa and Hammond organs, vibraphone, marimba and analogue synth.

Writing sessions under the influence of sleep deprivation, led lyrics to take on a playful, dream-like quality. They paint a rich tapestry of haunting and nostalgic imagery, looking to the past or future with a tumbling momentum that helps escape the present.


"Double Visions is a gloriously creative hotchpotch of songs. To call it pop is simultaneously accurate and misleading, because, sure, there are hooks present, but there are bloody dozens of them... it's a pretty disorienting listen initially, but it doesn't take long for the boisterousness and sheer fucking fun to come gushing over you like some heaven-sent remedy to the miseries of the northern winter."

"It's as odd as a dream, a left-brain noise freakout where Klaxons intone ritualistic curses 'pon your damned soul, Man Man's Honus Honus uses your teeth for organ keys and Islet authored A Brief History Of Time."