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by Sauna Youth and MONOTONY

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Artist: Sauna Youth / Monotony
Title: Split 7”

Label: Upset The Rhythm
Catalogue Number: UTR073
Release Date: May 11th

Track listing:

Side A
01. SAUNA YOUTH – ‘Transmitters’

Side B
02. MONOTONY – ‘Luxury Flats’
03. MONOTONY – ‘Human Troll’

* Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl

In the prelude to their album release, Sauna Youth have teamed up with themselves in the form of their sister band Monotony to send forth a colossal split 7” into the world on May 11th. Sauna Youth offer up their headrush lead single called ‘Transmitters’ from their forthcoming album, whilst Monotony proffer two exclusive tracks called ‘Human Troll’ and ‘Luxury Flats. Sauna Youth formed sister band Monotony, while writing their forthcoming album ‘Distractions’ in 2014. Later in the year, they did two sessions over two days as both bands for Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music, and both Sauna Youth and Monotony were invited to play DRILL Festival by Wire. As well as playing in Monotony, members of Sauna Youth are also in the bands Tense Men, Primitive Parts, Feature and Cold Pumas.

Consisting of Richard Phoenix, Lindsay Corstorphine, Jen Calleja and Christopher Murphy, Sauna Youth and Monotony are both punk bands that are happy to embrace all of the contradictions that go along with that notion. On paper both sound considered - live they can barely be contained. They are at times furious, unstoppable and severe with the sampler wailing like an alarm coming from a parallel universe – then chugging, poppy, harmonious and fun. Forever loud. As Kurt Cobain once asked "Why can't we be both Black Sabbath and The Beatles?" Sauna Youth consistently pose the question, “Why can't we be both The Ramones and Steve Reich?” Monotony prefer to keep things simpler and more direct and go straight for the jugular.

Sauna Youth’s side races off at full pelt, its guitars pulsing and chopping in a terse manner before the chorus crashes in like a wave. By singing every word at the same time, Ecke (Calleja) and Boon (Phoenix) create a unified voice of no specific gender, allowing the songs to be sung from multiple perspectives, from a place of shared experience. The song’s lyrics branch out of ideas of Transhumanism; looking for a way to live forever, for something that makes us last, like recordings – “I want my thoughts scratched into plastic/hear my voice on an endless loop/I like persistence” they sing in unison.

Monotony kick off their side of the 7” with ‘Luxury Flats’, a stomping slab of head-first primal punk. “Acquisitions, no ambition. Jumping off the balcony” they intone over the swaggering rhythm. In the song Monotony come face to face with Ballard’s high-rise nightmare set upon a rapidly gentrifying London out of all control. Second track, ‘Human Troll’ is a boldly brash song lodged with sloping riffs and hollered vocals. “Human Troll lives in the river, cement mattress making him shiver!” Upset the Rhythm will be releasing Sauna Youth’s long-awaited second LP Distractions on June 8th.