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HYGIENE - 'Private Sector' LP

by Hygiene


Artist: Hygiene
Title: ‘Private Sector’

Catalogue Number: UTR117
Formats: LP / DIGITAL
Running Time: 36 mins
Release Date: Friday 24th May

Track listing:
01. Replacement Bus
02. English Disease
03. Passion For Transportation
04. He Doesn’t Want To Pay His Taxes
05. Dolphin Square
06. Metropolitan
07. Interregnum
08. Sick Man Of Europe
09. Big Six
10. Terry’s Creatine
11. Holloway Road
12. Bring Back British Rail

Packaging: Printed-board sleeve (matte finish), Printed inner sleeve, limited black vinyl and stickered with barcode. Download card included.

Having released a slew of singles and an LP on various DIY labels in the US and the UK at the turn of this decade, London post-punk stalwarts return from hiatus with their sophomore effort, Private Sector. Where their debut LP Public Sector (2011, La Vida Es Un Mus) reflected a nostalgic longing for an unrealised socialist modernist utopia, Private Sector finds them confronting the grim realities of the present. Hygiene rail against the neoliberal madness of utility cartels, tax havens and privatised railways, seizing the moment as the current period of interregnum sees the old ideological certainties come into question. Proving nostalgia to be an inescapable trap, the band continue to hearken back to the kind of post-punk that existed before anybody knew to affix the ‘post’ prefix. Private Sector has the signature Hygiene sound, mixing brooding melodies with a choppy, aggressive approach and a restricted pop sensibility. However, this ever-so-slightly-more mature record finds the band taking advantage of the musicianship of their friends, mixing in the odd viola, glockenspiel, piano and keyboard. Recommended for fans of Real Ale, British Rail Class 55 Deltics, Euston station and Jeremy Corbyn.