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VEXX - 'Wild Hunt' LP/CD



Artist: VEXX
Title: Wild Hunt

Catalogue Number: UTR086
Formats: LP / CD / DIGITAL
Track listing:

01. Do What You Want To
02. Step Inside
03. I Don’t Bleed

04. I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are (Kim Fowley / Roni Lee)
05. You Don’t Got It
06. The Rule

"People don’t put this much of themselves into a piece of music just to show they can; to find out if they can, that’s another question."
Greil Marcus on VEXX, Real Life Rock Top Ten

Recorded immediately following on from their truly epic European tour last Summer, ‘Wild Hunt’ by VEXX is a deliriously hot-wired mini-LP. Showcasing the band utterly consumed in the moment, these six tracks blaze with giddy abandon, raging mere heartbeats away from oblivion.

Recorded by Hayes & Sam at Dub Narcotic in Olympia, mastered by Golden Mastering. The LP is a one-time pressing (on black vinyl) in collaboration with our good friends at M’Lady’s Records, with incredible artwork drawn by Maryjane herself depicting the supernatural Wild Hunt in hot pursuit.